About Me.

I have been studying Bushi Kempo Jujitsu for more than 11 years, I first started to train in 2000 at the age of 6 under Sensei Allan at Chapel-en-le-Frith on a Thursday night, as we are based in Romiley this became to far for the family to travel, however following my dad (Sensei Rick) rapidly passing through the ranks and Sensei Allan’s wanting to expand the association, me and my dad opened a Dojo in Hyde at Frames snooker club during 2004, my dad then quickly earned his 1st Dan black belt in 2005. Following this I achieved my Junior black belt, aged 11 I began to teach many people ranging from the ages of 7 to 45. Both my Dad and I continued to run this Dojo for a number of years seeing many new people join and progress to high belts, sadly this Dojo had to close as the snooker club was being shut down. As a result our new pupils needed somewhere else to train, Sensei Nell Brown (whom of which I had previously trained under at a Dojo in Romiley) held the solution, as he had local clubs In Romiley, Hazel Grove and Offerton, so many of us began to train under him at these Dojo’s. Many of my dads pupils still train under Sensei Nell Brown to this day at Hazel Grove Dojo on a Wednesday night which is rapidly expanding as more and more people join and progress to achieve their black belts. Since training with Sensei Nell, I have achieved my Senior 1st and 2nd Dan black belt aged 18.

As well as Jujitsu I followed my Dad into rugby, at age 8 I began training for Stockport Rugby Union Football Club with an old school friend of mine, however as my Dad was a member of Marple Rugby Union Football Club I soon became their newest recruit aged 9. As a result of me joining Marple my Dad became my coach and I met my best friends who soon also became a member of Jujitsu and has currently earned his Senior Brown. After I entered Secondary school I met many new friends many of which I influenced into ever joining my Rugby Team or training at Jujitsu. As my team progressed throughout the age groups fellow team members began to distance themselves from the team and slowly began to give it up. The numbers began to dwindle and so did the team moral as we began to struggle to produce any respectable results. This gave my dad along with the other coaches a problem as we no longer had enough members to uphold a team and we were on our way into the Junior Colts leagues. Quick thinking meant that my team joined Glossop Rugby Club where we then became the Glossop and Marple Titans. We successfully completed our first year in colts rugby by winning the league, but but struggled in our second season as we were unable to recruit new players to increase the strength within our team. Having gained skills and abilities which have bettered my skills and personalty I wanted to become a member of the club of which younger players could look up to and ask for help, as a result I began to pass on what I had been taught to help improve players abilities.

Unfortunately, as a result of our second season, and the fact that most of the team moved around the country to study at uni, the team folded and both clubs decided to go in the separate ways. In order to push my rugby skills and increase the variety of coaching I was being given i decided to make the move to Maccelsfield Rugby Club where I am currently playing for the colts team and occasionally making an appearance to the senior set up; where I hope to get my name known so I can progress through the club and improve my abilities.

Jujitsu has given me many skills which have shaped not only my athletic ability but my personality, it has coincided with my Rugby fantastically as both sports require fast reactions and balance. Jujitsu also gave me the confidence to undertake new challenges and inspired me to better myself . As I gain more knowledge and experience from both Rugby and Jujitsu I try to pass on what I have learnt to those who are willing to learn from me.

Rugby and Jujitsu, have been the centre of my life since I can remember and will always remain that way, however I believe it is important to be clear minded on my future and to establish an idea of in which direction I want to head in.

To begin with i attended Marple and Cheadle Sixth Form College, which i planned on using as a stepping stone for the Army. It had always been a childhood dream of mine to follow in my grandad Howards footsteps and enter the forces at any level, this dream continued though high school, where i decided to apply for the Royal Engineers. I was successful in the majority of my applications as I was able to comply with the fitness requirements and was also able to pass a variety of others tests. This dream came crashing down when i was told i wouldn’t be able to proceed into basic training as i had failed the medical. I was then forced into rethinking my career plan. I continued my education at College and gained Alevels in Physics, Electronics and Product design. This allowed me to continue my education and as a result, I then moved on to studying construction at Salford University, along side my studies i was also able to participate in Rugby League for the first time at the University.  During the course i was able to maintain my training along side my dad (Who also gained his 2nd Dann during this period) and under Sensie Nell.

After completing the year long course at Salford, I Propposed to my girlfriend at the time Jennie Day and am Delighted to say that i am happy Engaged. I also progressed to study Architecture at Leeds Met University and after completing my first year I am currently working hard toward my second year. I have also moved in with my fiancée Jennie in a nice flat in the centre of Leeds.

However, since i have been in Leeds I have had to give up my rugby and most of my jujitsu, as my schedule is intense and the course involves alot of hard long hours. This in addition with getting a job at Ikea has made it difficult to find time to travel back to my club in hazel grove.


Having recently turned 21 and my 3rd dan blackbelt, which I must say was hard work, my plans for the future remain simple as I plan on completing my undergraduate course to the best of my ability along side planning my Wedding. As well as try to maintain a connection with the associations that have given me so much.

Please feel free to leave a comment and give me feedback on how i can improve my blog. As i am going to try and maintain it more regularly than i have previously been able to.


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  1. Sally (your sister)

    Where am i mentioned? Haha

    December 30, 2012 at 5:16 pm

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