Hello, As you may have guessed, I am Sensei Howard (Howie) If you care to know more about me and where I began to study jujitsu, or where I come from then feel free to explore my blog and even leave a coment. Thankyou Howie.



Off to meet my dad in Manchester to watch the six nations today. Gonna be a long day in the pub 🙂

It’s been awhile.

Decided to start blogging again, missing the jujitsu life style but loving being at uni.

Building Services Lecture.

Kinda fed up with Allan lomax saying nothing but hot water or boiler. Do me a favour and change the soundtrack to you can go home 🙂


It’s not about a 3 hour break during the day. Especially when it’s raining and you have nothing todo.

Management In Construction Lecture.

Monday morning lectures at Salford uni can be nothing more than, Boring.
Need to concentrate!!!! But, I’m finding it increasingly hard knowing I have a warm comfortable bed waiting for me at home. <<< this makes me depressed 😦

Winter Weather

Just arrived at uni. Glad to get out of the cold, my face was beginning to go numb 😦

Proud son.

I’m proud to say my dad has achieved his 2nd dan black belt today. I couldn’t be happier for him, I know how much I wanted it. Well done dad!!!

Jujitsu in America

Many thanks to sensei bill bohan.. Who let me join in at his dojo in orlando… I learnt some new variations on techniques i recognise and i was also able to share my knowledge with others… I hope its the begining of a jujitsu relationship and that both styles can learn from each other….



Im currently on holiday in orlando…
Going to the kennedy spacestation this morning…

In Need Of Fitness.

Drastically need to make a trip or two, maybe three or four, to the gym cant keep avoiding it.